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Shivapuri One Day Hike

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

Shivapuri One Day Hike

Duration :   1 Day
The Price :   $80.00
Start Location:   Kathmandu
Age Range :   7-75

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Shivapuri Hike is a quick and fun one day hike option available from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Moreover, it offers the travelers stunning scenery, cultural immersion, and a chance to experience the rich biodiversity of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. Besides, this moderately easy hike begins from Muhan Pokhari above Budhanilkantha and culminates at the Shivapuri Baba Temple. The temple is a revered pilgrimage site that sits at 2732 meters (8963 ft) above sea level.


Furthermore, the Shivapuri Hike is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu and experience the natural beauty of Nepal. It is therefore a perfect choice for anyone looking for a moderately challenging one day hike with stunning scenery and cultural immersion. Additionally, the national park itself is situated about 5-6 kilometers north of Kathmandu. It is therefore easily accessible with a short drive (30 minutes) from the city.


Moreover, this day hike is considered to be suitable for all kinds of travelers with no prior hiking experience. The trail here involves a mix of uphill and downhill with very few flat sections and some steep parts. Besides, the hike can typically be completed in approximately 5 to 6 hours, including stops for rest and taking in the views. Needless to say, this day hike is thus mostly suitable for nomads with a very short period of spare time but wants to explore the most out of this vibrant capital.


Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park:

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is the ninth national park of Nepal and was established in 2002. It is located in the country’s mid-hills on the northern fringe of the Kathmandu Valley and named after Shivapuri Peak at 2732 m. Moreover, it covers an area of 159 sq km (61 sq mi) in the districts of Kathmandu, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk. Additionally, in the west, the protected area extends to the district of Dhading as well.


Here’s what you can expect on the Shivapuri Hike:


Breathtaking Views:

As you ascend the trail, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the Kathmandu Valley and the majestic Himalayan range, including Langtang, Manaslu, Ganesh, Jugal and Everest (weather permitting).


Diverse Flora and Fauna:

The Shivapuri National Park is home to a variety of plant and animal life. Keep an eye out for colorful birds, langur monkeys, spotted deers and even the occasional leopard!



Baghdwar is considered to be the fount of holy river Bagmati. It has a captivating sight of a tiger (bagh) mouthed stone spout from which the water gushes forth. Moreover, the place is nestled inside Shivapuri National Park itself and is reachable during the hike. Additionally, it carries a huge religious significance and is highly sacred to Hindu pilgrims.


Shivapuri Baba Temple:

The destination of the hike is the Shivapuri Baba Temple, a sacred site dedicated to Lord Shiva. Besides, the temple offers a sense of peace and tranquility amidst the stunning mountain scenery.


Things to consider before embarking on the Shivapuri Hike:


Physical Fitness:

The hike is considered moderate, with an elevation gain of about 1000 meters (3280 ft). While it’s not overly challenging, a decent level of fitness is recommended.


Time of the year:

The hike is available all year long but is best to avoid during monsoon (June-July). It is however highly recommended to go during the spring (March-May) and autumn (September-December) months when the weather is mostly clear.


What to Wear:

The summers are pretty hot so wearing casual T-shirts and hiking pants are a go. You may as well choose shorts but as it is a jungle area, it is best to wear full length pants to avoid any insect bites. Additionally, a pair of proper hiking shoes are essential while a raincoat is a good idea in case of sudden showers. For winter, it is highly advisable you dress in layers as the temperature can vary depending on the altitude.


Shivapuri Hike


Highlights of the trip:


1. Guided hike to the top of Shivapuri Hill

2. Explore wide range of flora and fauna inside the national park

3. Panoramic view of Kathmandu valley

4. Explore Hindu culture and traditions

5. Reachable with a short drive from city area

Places You’ll See :

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is the ninth national park in Nepal and was established in 2002. It is located in the country's mid-hills on the northern fringe of the Kathmandu Valley and named after Shivapuri Peak at 2,732 m altitude.

1Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

Baghdwar is considered to be the fount of holy river Bagmati. It has a captivating sight of a tiger (bagh) mouthed stone spout from which the water gushes forth.


Shivapuri baba came to Nepal and spent the later stage of his life by meditating in the forest of Shivapuri in Kathmandu, Nepal, from where he derived his name.

3Shivapuri Baba Temple

Travel Itinerary:

08:00 AM: Drive to Pani Muhan

The tour begins at 08:00 AM in the morning with a driver picking you up from your hotel in Kathmandu. You will then take a half hour drive towards Pani Muhan above Budhanilkantha.

08:30 AM: The hike begins !!

The five hour return trip (hike) towards Shivapuri Hill begins from Pani Muhan gate. Here after a short ticket check, the travelers will begin their 6-7 km of uphill hike including many steps and climbs. The top of the hills sits at the height of 2732 m above sea level and offers a spectacular view of the surroundings for its visitors.


On your way up you may also encounter many wild animals including Himalayan black bear, spotted deers, leopards, wild boars, monkeys and many species of birds. This dense forest is also rich in many species of plants, herbs and trees.


As you ascend, the clear weather allows you to witness the mighty Himalayas as well. The visible range here includes Langtang, Ganesh, Manaslu and Jugal among others. Here, on your way up, you will also visit Baghdwar, the fount of holy river Bagmati.


After some more uphill hikes, the travelers will reach their final destination, the Shivapuri Baba Temple. It is considered to be a holy site for Hindu pilgrims. The place also offers its travelers a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains and Kathmandu Valley. After a brief exploration of the high point, the visitors will then begin their return journey back towards Pani Muhan.

02:00 PM: Drive back to your hotel

After your hike, you will be dropped back to your hotel in Kathmandu at around 02:30 PM in the afternoon.


What are the places I will visit during the Shivapuri Day Hike?

Shivapuri Day Hike features the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park itself. Other places you will explore here include Pani Muhan, the holy site of Baghdwar, and the Shivapuri Baba Temple.

What should I wear for the hike?

You may choose any outfit comfortable to you according to your season of visit. You must however choose comfortable shoes for the hike though.


Note: There aren't any restrictions to your clothes whatsoever.

Should I carry any food items?

Yes, it is advisable to carry some packed food items as there aren’t any proper places available for lunch inside the national park. You may thus choose to tag along some fruits/dry fruits or packed snacks and bakery for your hike. The travelers can also carry along bottled water/juice as per their liking.

Is pick up and drop off service included?

Yes, we have pickup and drop off service included in your pay. A private vehicle will pick you up from your hotel in Kathmandu and drop you off at the same hotel after the trip.

What's Included

  • National Park Fee
  • Nature Guide
  • Pick Up and Drop
  • Private Vehicle

What's Excluded

  • Gratitude for Guide / Driver
  • Meals
  • Personal Expenses


  • Hiking

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